Executive Boardrooms that Impress

Your office is a symbol to your clients of the services and the level of professionalism that they can expect from your company. From the moment that a first time client walks in your door they are evaluating your business and they will create expectations based on what they see.

Hospitality Industry Challenge: The DeskSpool Pro

Today’s traveller lives in a plugged in environment. They’re looking to connect their smartphones, tablets, laptops and other smart devices simultaneously in their rooms, and expect their Internet connectivity needs to be covered. Remove the strain on hotel’s networks with the DeskSpool Pro. It’s a cost-effective and commercially viable solution that can support your guest’sContinue reading "Hospitality Industry Challenge: The DeskSpool Pro"

Control Your Boardroom with an iPad

The complexity of the boardrooms of today are on the rise. Every other week it seems that there is a new device that comes out trying to address the needs of the corporate workplace. Although this is good and the manufactures have very innovative designs, there is still 1 thing that is missing. Unified Control.

10 signs of an outdated boardroom (and the update fix)

Boardrooms are an essential part of any business. In there is where everything happens. From closing the big sales, to hosting company meetings and training sessions. But it’s not just about having a boardroom, it’s about having the right one. Over the years boardrooms have evolved from just a meeting place to full blown controlContinue reading “10 signs of an outdated boardroom (and the update fix)”

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