The Leading Audio & Video Integrator in San Diego

Nothing says professionalism like a top of the line audio and video system for business. When you walk into an Office Boardroom and the equipment and setup is state of the art, you know that’s where the best business deals happen. Or when you walk into a nice restaurant and their menu appears on a very nice flat LED TV Screen or you see the game playing on the big screen of your favorite Sports Bar with amazing image and sound, you just know those are the places to be at.


We are the leading Audio & Video integrators in Southern California since 2004. We have vast experience in providing Office and Boardroom, Hospitality, Digital Signage and Restaurant & Sports Bar solutions. We’re also authorized DirecTV for Business Dealers and are able to provide you with the best programming and technology setups available. We are also exclusive distributors of the Clean Remote, which is the easiest to clean universal remote control, perfect for any hospitality and healthcare business.

At ComSat AV we specialize in professional installation, customization and support for all of your needs in the digital era. We have hundreds of satisfied customers in the San Diego area alone, and we are confident that we have a custom solution for your company. Contact us to find out more.

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