Hospitality Industry Challenge: The DeskSpool Pro

Today’s traveller lives in a plugged in environment. They’re looking to connect their smartphones, tablets, laptops and other smart devices simultaneously in their rooms, and expect their Internet connectivity needs to be covered.

Remove the strain on hotel’s networks with the DeskSpool Pro. It’s a cost-effective and commercially viable solution that can support your guest’s multiple mobile wireless devices and connectivity needs.

The DeskSpool Pro hardware is robust, and you can count on the industry security standard hardware, because the device is heavily weighted for product stability. To minimize the chance of theft, the rear RJ45 socket is recessed and specially secured. This makes removal of the DeskSpoolTM Pro from the property very difficult.

Enhance the guest experience on every room, cover they “Need for Speed” and get the best reviews providing a quality and fair service to everyone.

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