Shrinking the Conference Room – The Small Agile Meeting Room

Corporations are moving to smaller more agile conference rooms for meetings of 2 to 4 people. These rooms are usually no larger than 100 sqft. The technology is light because many times the users bring their own devices and connect 1 at a time into a central display. The addition of a Teleadapt or Connectivity Grommet is great for this application as it allow a user to plug in any kind of connection and the conversion to your display takes place automatically.

Your employees focus on meeting and not making the meeting room work. Each employee brings the equipment that will be used in the meeting and thus there is no need position the hardware or go through the expense of having it on hand. Funds are focused on the display and the audio. For smaller applications the audio of the display can be used.

Check out this article on Stand Up Meetings from the Wall Street Journal to make your meetings more efficient just like your conference room.

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