NFL Sunday’s are Back with the DirecTV

NFL Sunday Ticket by ComSatAVThe tackles, the sacks, the kicks, the fumbles, the long passes, the amazing catches and the touchdowns. We’ve all been waiting for it, and it has finally arrived… it’s Football season!

If you have a sports bar or restaurant, you know how important the big games are, not only to your customers, but also to you business. People love to get together with their family, friends and coworkers to watch the game and cheer for their favorite teams, while they enjoy everything your establishment has to offer. So having the game on every Sunday is a smart business move that will help grow your business, increase your sales, and make your customers (and yourself) very happy..

If you want to provide your patrons with the best experience, you have to go with the best, and that’s the NFL Sunday Ticket! This is an amazing sports package by DirecTV that allows you to show every minute of every game, every Sunday. Your customers will love the amazing experience of being able to watch their favorite games in High Definition!

Are you providing this for your customers? Well, this is where ComSatAV comes in. We are the leaders in Audio & Video integrations in California, and because we are Certified Commercial DirecTV Dealers, we can provide you with the best options for getting the NFL games in front of your customers.

Football seasons is already here, so don’t wait another minute. Give your customers a reason to stay longer, and keep coming back. Call us today to get the NFL Sunday Ticket!

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