Control Your Boardroom with an iPad

Control your Boardroom with an iPadThe complexity of the boardrooms of today are on the rise. Every other week it seems that there is a new device that comes out trying to address the needs of the corporate workplace. Although this is good and the manufactures have very innovative designs, there is still 1 thing that is missing. Unified Control.

There have been a number of consumer devices that have attempted to give us unified control, but they really don’t do the best job, and in a business environment they only add additional confusion. Your employees shouldn’t have to rely on a IT person to have a meeting. It should be simple and intuitive. At ComSat AV we specialize in making your boardroom easy to use, so easy that a child could operate it.

We automate your boardroom with an Apple iPad, giving you 1 button controls for all of your functions and features, The easy to understand screens allow us to create a custom user interface that you understand. We believe in the K.I.S., Keep It Simple, methodology any employee should be able to control the most complex boardroom with no sophisticated training. Just handing them the iPad is all the training that they need.

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