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DirecTV for Business

Certified, Commercial DirecTV Dealer.

Enhance your customer experience with the ultimate in TV entertainment!

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Certified, Commercial DirecTV Dealer

DirecTV for Hospitality – Hotels & Resorts Free to Guest

DirecTV for Hospitality

Make your guests feel like they are at home sitting on their couch with providing premium television programming they are accustomed to from DirecTV. By offering in-room entertainment, you will not only keep your guests in the hotel spending money on in-room services, but that they will return again!

We are certified installers of Technicolor’s COM1000, and COM2000 Encrypted SMATV Systems.


DirecTV for Businesses – Waiting Room/Reception, Private Offices, Conference Rooms, Employee Lounge, Fitness Clubs, and Retail Stores

DirecTV for Businesses

Whether your business is a medical office, fitness center, or clothing store, DirecTV is a surefire way to improve your client’s experience. Keep them entertained while they wait, work out or shop and they’ll keep coming back for more. With DirecTV, you can treat your customers to 145 channels of prime TV entertainment.

COM2000 IP delivery technology

ComSatAV has partnered with DIRECTV and is ecstatic to present the future of HD content distribution system for the Hospitality and Corporate Enterprise Markets. The Pro:Idiom compliant COM2000 HD system with its compact modulator design promises to be a cost reduction over existing technology while providing enhanced functionality, serviceability, and scalability.

The solution will utilize QAM or I.P. technology with Pro:Idiom encryption for signal delivery of DIRECTV HD content over a coaxial cable or GIG-E network or LAN infrastructure. The core video serving technology is Thomson’s COM24 cards each capable of serving two HD video streams. The COM24 is housed within the COM2000 server chassis to provide a high density configuration reducing space and cost.

The modular and scalable design of the COM2000 system is capable of delivering up to 24 programs of MPEG2 / MPEG4 HD content while only occupying 8RU of rack space! Other components of the head end system paired with the Thomson products are an RF distribution panel, Layer 2 switch, and a QAM modulator. The ability to multicast I.P.T.V. over a private LAN infrastructure today gives this system the versatility and flexibility you are looking for in any I.P. video deployment.

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COM1000 IP delivery technology

DirecTV for Public Viewing – Sports Bars & Restaurants DirecTV for Public Viewing In today’s extremely competitive bar and restaurant industry, you need to do more than serve great food and drinks. In order to stay ahead of your competition, you need to create an atmosphere that welcomes and engages your customers so they stay longer, spend more money, tell their friends about your establishment and come back more often!

Give your clientele the Sports Programming they want with premium sports channels from DirecTV.

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