The ocular multi-screen displays that the team set up for me are amazing. Many customers are captivated by it and they are intrigued by what is in that section of my store. His team turned my ideas into reality! Very professional and efficient team. Thanks!

Lindsay P.

Couldn’t have asked for more. Jonathan and the guys were terrific. They installed video walls at all of my business locations with ease. The consultation was very organized and the timeline of the projects was met. Wonderful work! Thank you so much.

Julia M.

Jonathan and his team were great to work with. Our (old school) conference/meeting room needed a much-needed update and now we have great teleconferencing equipment that produces quality HD audio/video, making communication that much better for us and our clients. Great work guys!!

Olivia B.

Just wanted to let you guys know that we installed the FMA about a week ago and everything is working perfectly. We did, for whatever reason have about 20-25 TVs that would not take the programming. After doing a factory reset on the back of the TV, the programming did come up. Other than that everything went perfectly. Thank you all for all of your help.

Phillip B.

In the first six months, LifeSize video conferencing systems have paid for themselves twice over.

Linda C.

Commercial Satellite turned our board room from a simple conference table into a place we can connect with the world. The video conferencing, projection system, surround sound, and controls & connection ports right on the tabletop are incredible. We increased sales by 10% and cut travel costs by 20% in the first month alone. Thanks, Jonathan!

Ed G.

Commercial Satellite installed the new 32-channel DirecTV headend system for our 125-room property and its worked great. Jonathan, you said you would give us the best customer service, but I was amazed when you actually answered my calls on a weekend!

Tom L.

Commercial Satellite installed a Comm1000 Headend system in our 289-room Best Western Hotel. The system has worked perfectly from the word “go” and the customer service from Commercial Satellite has been impeccable. You even answer the phone on weekends. Thank you, Jonathan!

Keith G.

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