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Conference Room AV System Installation

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For Meetings, Training and Conferences that don’t just Impress – They increase productivity and profitability!

At ComSat AV, our Core Competency lies in designing, building and maintaining State-of-the-Art Executive Boardrooms, Corporate Conference Rooms, Training Facilities, and Communications Centers.

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What is Audio Video Integration for the Conference Room?

ComSat AV provides solutions for executive boardrooms, conference rooms, training facilities and meeting spaces that drive business.

A fully integrated audio/video system allows you to increase the effectiveness and impact of meetings and presentations, whether face to face or in video and audio conferences with clients, vendors and employees anywhere in the world.

Innovative audio, video, HD video conferencing & one touch controls (including iPad) make communication and collaboration easy!

Presentations, Trainings and Video Conferences are effective only when you are able to engage the attention of your audience.

GRABBING the attention of your clients and employees is easy with A/V Tools designed to function smoothly as one unit and displayed on high definition display or projection system.

Commercial Satellite integrates the A/V Technology you need, including:

  • High Definition Video (capture and display)
  • Crystal Clear Audio
  • Simple & easy to use touch controls for audio, video, lighting, drapes, and more
  • Complete connectivity for all your devices built into your conference table
  • Interactive Document Sharing Tools
  • Presentation Tools

Into a simple, easy to use business communications system!

Commercial Satellite strives to simplify and streamline the installation and use of the very latest and very best audio/visual technology in your boardrooms, conference rooms and throughout your facility. Integrated solutions mean one touch operation and smooth transitions from one input device to another.

A/V Controls

Control your projection system, video conferencing equipment, DVD player, DVR, document camera and more from an intuitive touch panel control. When you press the corresponding touch panel button, the right equipment is turned on, the right settings are selected and the correct media is displayed automatically.

Presentation Tools

The presentation and collaboration tools available today make multi-media presentations and remote meetings simple and professional. Camera control and video preview windows are built into the touch panels for video and audio conferencing; an electronic whiteboard inside the touch panel is capable of live annotation over any computer or video source which can be displayed on a flat screen display or projection system; and you can display multiple, scalable video windows on a single flat screen display or projector.

Remote Management

We give your IT Director and Facility Manager the power to monitor and manage the Audio Video technology you install over a single network. Whether it’s a single board room or many board and conference rooms spread over a campus, the solutions we utilize centralize control of your audio & video systems, lighting, security and more.

Now… Imagine your boardroom operating as corporate communications center that:

  • Cut your business travel costs in half
  • Increased your face time with key customs, sales reps and vendors
  • Facilitated the use of many different media sources including: Laptops, Computers on your company network, Projectors, DVD Players & DVRs, Document Camera, Satellite TV & Radio, the Internet, even iPads, iPhones and iPods.
  • Is a fully integrated system controlled by a single easy to use touch panel controller at your fingertips.
  • Digital recording systems with PC upload capabilities for meeting minutes recording, archiving, transcription, and distribution

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