RS-232 Control for Sports Bars and Restaurants

RS-232 Control from TV’s

rs-232 control

Our experience is that sports bar and restaurant owners, as well as businesses that use DIRECTV or digital signage in their lobby or waiting rooms, prefer to focus on their business and not the TV. This is particularly true when there are multiple TV screens that have to be turned on and programmed to the right channel. When they want to simplify, the solution is installing TV monitors with the “RS-232 Control.”

Think of it like automatic sprinklers that turn on and off at a predetermined time and water a specific area. But, instead of water it’s the TVs that are fully automated. 232 control allows us to program the screens to turn on and off when the business opens and closes so the manager never has to assign a staff person to do this task. What’s more, we program the system to display pre-selected channels. This means there is not time or worry spent on the AV system when opening and closing the business. Instead, when the doors open, the monitors are all showing the preferred channels and turning off automatically at closing time. No fuss.

Please note: not all TV monitors have 232 control. That’s one reason why we often recommend the Samsung, Sharp and LG commercial TV monitors. Your AV system should not perform well, it should be easy and convenient to use. We build AV systems that enhance your business, not take up more time, energy and worry. 232 control helps us ensure our clients can always focus on their customers first. And that makes happy customers.

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