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Clean Remote


The Clean Remote is as universal TV remote control perfect for hospitality and healthcare businesses. It is easy to clean, sanitize, and it reduces microbial contamination. Show your customers that you care about their health by using The Clean Remote.

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Simple One Touch set-up (no codes needed)

Simple One-Touch Setup!

Clean Remote Benefits

The Clean Remote has tested to be 99% cleaner than standard remotes
  • The Clean Remote has tested to be 99% cleaner than standard remotes. – In several studies, TV remotes have been revealed to be a leading carrier of bacteria in a patient’s room. Not only are they handled continuously throughout the day by patients, but remotes are also handled by staff and visitors. Standard remotes and nurse call pillow remotes contain many cracks and crevices, which make it impossible to properly disinfect.
  • Easy flat non-porous surface makes it simple to clean and disinfect.
  • Patient Convenience – The Clean Remote offers direct channel access (numbers 1 – 9 and 0) whereas most pillow remotes have only channel up and channel down arrows, which patients cycle through all the channels to get back to a specific channel. (Note: Pillow remotes are usually part of the nurse call system, which is attached to the bed. This limits mobility and is often awkward to use). No assistance is needed in operation of the Clean Remote because of simplicity.
  • Marketing tool – To show your facility cares about your patients.
  • No menu button – Which stops the patient from changing the TV setup.
  • Prevent theft of batteries and lost battery covers – Hidden battery compartment and patent pending hinged battery door helps eliminate lost battery doors and deters patients from taking batteries.
  • Works over 200 brands – NO codes needed

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about The Clean Remote


1. Does this remote work with DVD, VCR TV/DVD or VCR/DVD/TV Combo units?

No, this is a TV only remote which has one touch programming for over 200 brands of televisions.

2. We don’t use standard remotes because we have nurse call pillow remotes.

There is a very high possibility that your facility is already using standard remotes in some of their areas. The common but incorrect perception is that all rooms just have pillow remotes for use with the TV. In many locations throughout the facility standard remotes are often used for patient convenience. NOTE: Normally you will need to involve maintenance, engineering or the nursing staff to find out the locations.

Nurse call pillow remote units have been proven to have an 87% rate of bacterial contamination. Pillow remotes are in rooms for very long periods of time (sometimes years). They are nearly impossible to clean and disinfect because of the numerous cracks and crevices. If the Clean Remote is available most patients will use the Clean Remote when watching TV since they are

used to hand held remotes. They will only use the nurse call system to call the staff rather then to constantly change TV channels. This will drastically cut down the frequency of touches on the nurse call systems, which often carry a high level of bacteria.

3. Can the Clean Remote be sprayed or wiped down with cleaning fluids or wipes?

Yes, the cleaning staff should make sure to clean off the remote everyday with any standard cleaning products you already use when cleaning the room. In addition the remote has shown to carry far less bacteria then standard remotes even before being cleaned. This is due to two facts. The Clean Remote has far less openings and crevices for bacteria to build up in. Additionally, the remote is also made of a non-porous material making it easier to clean.

4. We have several different brand TV’s.

This remote will work with over 200 TV brands used in the healthcare industry

5. Do I need to put codes in?

No. There are never any codes to enter. Easy and quick One Touch Programming will set up the remote, usually in less then a minute.

6. Every time I change the batteries, do I have to reprogram the remote?

No, once you set up a Clean Remote it will stay that way unless you purposely reprogram the remote for another TV.

7. Can the same remotes be re-programmed to work other TV’s?

Yes, the remote can be re-programmed as many times as needed. Note: Due to 7-second delay built into remote programming system you don’t have to worry about patient’s accidentally changing programming.

8. Does this remote come with a cord or holder to secure it to the bed?

No, we have found that patients want convenience and cords can be encumbering. Also, the cord would create other places where bacteria could colonize which would defeat the purpose of the Clean Remote.

9. Does it interfere with any medical equipment?

No, due to the low frequency.

10. If there are two TV’s in one room will using the remote interfere with the other set?

Yes, if the two sets are very close to each other, but most rooms have the TV’s set apart and on an angle preventing this problem. Many hospitals are also going to private rooms.

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Clean Remote has more than lived up to its marketing claims.

Simple One Touch Set-Up for The Clean Remote


No Codes Needed

Simple one Touch Set-Up

Peanut Butter Challenge

One Touch and it works any TV

Universal TV Remotes

Watch this video and you will never want to touch a standard remote again!

Clean Remote
Which Remote Do You Want Your Patients To Touch?

Clean Remote Fact Sheet

Remote Control Studies and Articles

Clean Remote scientifically tested to carry 99% Less Bacteria than all other remotes tested

MRSA and SARS bacteria found on TV remotes…

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Over 89% of Nursecall TV remotes culture positive for Microbial Contamination

Clean Remote Spec Sheet

Specifications & Instructions

  • Simple One Touch set-up (no codes needed)
  • For TV only (will not work TV/DVD, VCR or DVD/VCR combination units)
  • Works over 250 brands of commercial and retail TVs
  • No Menu button – So patients and guests cannot change settings
  • Hidden battery compartment and attached door to help prevent batteries from being taken
  • Uses 2 AAA batteries
  • Will not operate with LodgeNet® or OnCommand® movie systems


  • Simple One Touch set-up (no codes needed)
  • For TV only (will not work TV/DVD, VCR or DVD/VCR combination units)
  • Works over 250 brands of commercial and retail TVs
  • No Menu button – So Patients and Guests cannot change settings
  • Hidden Battery compartment and attached door to help prevent batteries from being taken
  • Uses 2 AAA batteries
  • Will not operate with LodgenNet® or On Command® movie systems

Battery Installation:

Clean Remote Battery Installation

  • Open cover: With keypad facing you, first slide dark lens cover away from you (photo A, step 1) and then lift lid upward from the back (photo A, step 2).
  • When placing AAA batteries in the compartment note the + and – symbols on the metal hinge should make contact with the corresponding + and – end of each battery (photo B).
  • Closing cover: With keypad facing away from you gently close cover by pressing downward(photo C, step 1) and sliding it toward the front (keypad) until it is aligned. (photo C, step 2)
  • Test remote by pressing the power button; the LED should light indicating that the batteries are in correctly. If the LED doesn’t light, then the batteries are either in wrong or the batteries are bad.


For all TV’s

  • Turn on the TV and then stand back about 5 feet from TV and Point the remote at the CENTER of the front panel of the TV. It will not be necessary to point the remote at that exact area once the remote is set-up.
  • Press and firmly Hold down the Setup button, do not release. The LED will blink once and then after 7 seconds it will initiate code search. The LED will continue to blink every 2 seconds. Once your TV shuts off immediately remove your finger from the Setup button; the code automatically locks in.
  • Test the remote. If everything works, you are done. If the main functions are not working properly, you may not have an exact code match. Start again at step #1. The code search will continue where it left off.
  • Important Note: If you think you missed the code or are testing remote on different brand TV’s: Reset the remote back to the beginning of the code search; first press and hold the Setup button for 3 seconds and then while still pressing the Setup button down, press and hold the CC button down at the same time until the red LED light blinks quickly 3 times. You have now reset the code list back to the beginning. Go back to step 1.