Keeping your guests happy and safe

When running a hospitality business, like a Hotel, Motel, Villa or Inn, you excel on keeping your guest happy. You provide the best installations, a great atmosphere, state of the art customer service and so much more. But in order to have guests come back, making them happy is not the only thing you have to do. You also have to keep them safe. That is why you put lifeguards on the pool, fire extinguishers everywhere, safety rails on the bathtubs, non slip material on the stairs and many other things.

But what about the health of your guests?

Of course you also look after that. That’s why you thoroughly clean the bathrooms, provide clean sheets and towels, and keep a clean kitchen. But, do you know that you could be missing one of the biggest health hazards you guest will face while staying with you? It is the single most overlooked item, but it’s the one almost all of your guests have access to… the remote control. Yes, that small remote control that is resting on every room is the biggest source of infection. And the problem is that, because of the way they are designed, remotes are very hard to clean, specially around the buttons.

The solution.

Don’t feel bad. This is not just your problem. Every hospitality business that provides remote controls to its guests, faces the same issue. The good thing is that there is a solution. The Clean Remote is a universal remote control that is safe for your guests. Because of its flat and non-porous designed, it can be cleaned and disinfected very easily and fast with any cleaning product your are currently using.

Using The Clean Remote in your hospitality business, shows that you care about your guests, and that you are doing everything to keep them safe and happy.

Visit our Clean Remote page to learn more about it.

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