Digital Signage – An Innovative and Cost-Effective Medium of Advertising

Digital Signage is a dynamic content display system which is used to broadcast information using a combination of software and hardware. It is becoming a popular visual medium to reach consumers across various locations and time zones. With the help of this technology, information can be transferred using electronic signs, LCD’s, LED’s, Plasma screens, scrolling message boards etc.

Initially, it was associated with high costs, but today, it has become more accessible to businesses and has proven to generate an excellent return on investment. Presentation of content in a wide range of formats and lower costs gives it an edge over the traditional static methods of advertising. This method follows the principle of installing screens, attracting attention and increasing sales and productivity.

Communication channels can be improved with the help of this technology. Its benefits are becoming obvious to people worldwide and it is one of the fastest growing marketing channels. This technology influences a customer’s behavior by attracting consumers to products, creating brand awareness and influencing their decisions. The result of using dynamic digital signage is the ability to increase sales using real time announcements and promotions while maintaining cost efficiency.

A digital signage system is a network of electronic devices that are controlled remotely from a central location. This solutions make it easier to add, remove or edit content. It makes the content information dynamic and is therefore replacing traditional static print signs and billboards. Electronic devices which work on this technology can transmit information using signage software and can be used to manage any type of display. This format is easy to integrate into existing networks using CAT5/5e/6 cables.

Digital signage is becoming a popular medium to reach people across various geographical locations. This form of advertising is creating a revolution in media and information industries. It is no longer the exclusive domain of high end retailers and is the latest choice of marketers. This technology is now penetrating stations, airports, hospitals, hotels, corporate boardrooms, cinemas as well as amusement parks and is working its way into mass as well as high end advertising. It is the future of out of home advertising and is being adopted globally.

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