Don’t Let Your Analog System/Equipment Become Obsolete: A Digital AV Solution for Fitness Centers & Sports Bars (ZeeVee HDb2312 12 Channel Modulator)

The US digital television transition is nearing completion, as cable companies are shutting off all analog broadcasting within the year.  This switch leaves many businesses with analog systems and equipment (specifically gyms and fitness centers with analog-fed cardio machines) at risk and in a bind.  At ComSat AV, we can work with your existing hardware and coax network to deliver a comprehensive digital solution that is both high-performing and low cost (starting at just $325/channel, minimum 12 channels).

Utilizing the ZeeVee HDb2312 – 12 Channel Modulator, we are able to work with both satellite and cable boxes in converting your system.  This unit is perfectly suited for sports bars and fitness centers, as each box directly connects to 12 composite video sources and converts each source into a digital cable channel.  We can broadcast these channels to an unlimited number of TVs.

The installation is straight-forward and stress-free as our solution works through your company’s existing coaxial network.  This saves your business from accruing the heavy costs of labor and rewiring associated with a complex installation.  Using your existing distribution, we will mount a DirecTV dish to the roof, if necessary. See below for a full overview.

Your audio and video systems help set the tone, energy, and atmosphere of your establishment.  ComSat AV is able to help your business move forward into the modern, digital era.  Begin enhancing your patrons’ experience today, contact us for an initial consultation.


ZeeVee HDb2312 – 12 Channel 480i Composite Video Modulator: Full Overview


  • Easy installation – simply unplug your old analog modulator and plug those same wires into your new digital modulator, and go.
  • Direct connection to satellite or cable receivers ­ redistributes high-quality content on ­premise or campus-wide.
  • Composite Video and Analog Audio – allows for simple connections.
  • Coax wiring – easily integrate and balance into new or existing MATV / SMATV RF distribution systems to upgrade to digital video.
  • Simple configuration and remote management front panel LCD for easy channel viewing and LAN port for advanced and remote configuration.
  • Built to last – steel enclosure, rack mounting, robust internal power supply, fan­cooled. [/one_half]
  • Each unit broadcasts 12 video sources in 1RU -­ saving you rack space and money.
  • 12 channels fit on 3 RF frequencies ­ making your coax infrastructure even more capable of delivering all your channels.
  • Digital quality at 480i – SD sources deliver stunning performance and full digital quality while respecting content broadcast requirements.
  • Analog Audio – internally encoded and broadcast as digital.
  • Frequency agile – easily select broadcast channels independently.
  • Integrated Closed Caption support – ­ required for ADA compliance in many applications.


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