Why Single Sourcing is Critical in Hospitality

Synergistic Effect of using a Single Source Audio Video Integrator

I was always taught that shopping around was a good thing. Now I know why buying from multiple sources for a single project may be the most costly thing you can do.

Let me give you an example when it comes to upgrading your property to high definition entertainment.
One of the tasks in the larger project of upgrading to HD is purchasing High Definition Hospitality TVs. Today you display HD programming you are required to use Digital Rights management for the programming. To decode those signals you need Pro:Idiom compliant, Mpeg-4, Hospitality Flat Panel Displays. To get better pricing, many of the hotel brands are now negotiating pricing directly with the manufacturers.

An example of that is Wyndham. Recently Wyndham Hotel Group negotiated a deal to have Hotel Solutions, a division of Groupe Dumoulin Electronique in Quebec, supply Samsung HD TVs to hotels at a discounted rate.

That is a great thing right?

The catch is Hotel Solutions doesn’t install or program Hospitality TVs. They are simply a middle man for Samsung that warehouses TVs until you need them shipped to you. Think Costco for Hospitality Electronics.

Once you have your TVs shipped to your property, what you have is a bunch of big boxes sitting in YOUR warehouse or storage. You then need to go out and find another company to un-box hundreds of TVS, transport them to the rooms, install the TVs, program the TVs (which can take as much as 30 minutes each) and then dispose of the boxes and other waste materials.

For some hotel properties that process alone could mean 3 different companies or a small army of your own employees.

And that is just one part of upgrading your property to high definition. There is TV Programming, SMATV Headend Signal Distribution systems (Com1000 or LG DRM), VOD/PPV systems, Guest Connectivity, as well as issues such as signal strength and degradation that is critical to a successful transition to HD TVs & programming.

A single source integrator like Commercial Satellite Audio and Video handles the entire process from start to finish as well as numerous other products & services the upgrade to High Definition requires. You don’t have to spend your time finding, vetting and talking to numerous vendors. That process can literally eat up hundreds of hours (weeks and weeks) of time for the GM, Chief Engineer and other hotel employees.

We guarantee you will get the best possible products and service at the best available price when you use Commercial Satellite for your Guest Entertainment needs – In-room, common areas, spas & fitness centers, or bars & restaurants.

You get peace of mind that you are getting the lowest price because we guarantee it. If you find a written quote for a lower price within 30 days of our quote, we will meet or beat it. Even the deal Wyndham negotiated with Samsung.

You get the very best technical expertise. Our Hospitality field supervisors have over 2 centuries of combined AV experience. Com1000 & LG DRM certification, Crestron Programming certification, low voltage licensing, audio video integration.

Most importantly, you are getting an audio video integrator that understands the BIG PICTURE of what your particular property’s needs are, not just a low price supplier of hardware.

Commercial Satellite Audio & Video is the answer to: Why Single Sourcing is Critical in Hospitality

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