Zone Audio helps make happier customers

Zone AudioBeing in a sports bar unable to hear the game can be a very frustrating experience for the client. If it’s because the home team is winning and folks are cheering, they’ll forgive the restaurant, grill, tavern, pub or sports bar. If it’s because the sound system isn’t dialed in correctly, the business is in trouble for making the clientele unhappy.

That’s why we create “Zoned Audio.” Using top-quality, crystal-clear speakers with very specific sound broadcast characteristics (higher degree of directionality), we create areas where specific audio channels are heard perfectly while being isolated from the sound coming from the other TV channels. We install easy-to-use source switching technology that gives you and your staff the flexibility with a push of a button or tap of the finger to place a DIRECTV channel’s audio and video to a specific area of the restaurant or bar.

Think of it: as one group is watching the DIRECTV golf channel, another is enjoying football game and yet neither group feels pushed out by the other. The Zone Audio Video explains how the a Zone Audio System can make your customers – happy customers.

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