DirecTV Residential Experience

Help Your Guest Feel At Home, Even When Not At Home

DirecTV now offers hospitality businesses a new option when it comes to offering their guest the most at home feeling when away from their home. DirecTV Residential Experience (DRE) is an innovative way to treat your guest to over 100 HD channels which include such programming as HBO, ESPN, and all of their in-home favorites.


This new Hospitality option is great for your guest and even has their health in mind. This new package features a state-of-the-art anti-microbial, germ resistant remote control which is sure to make plenty of people happy. It’s as safe as having your personal remote with you. Also featured is a Co-branded, Interactive user interface programming guide.

Here are just a few things that DirecTV Residential Experience Hotel System gives your Hotel:

  • No upfront DIRECTV equipment costs
  • No Pro:Idiom encryption enabled or MPEG-4 HD hotel TVs necessary
  • FREE Replacement Remotes & Receivers
  • Compact, easily hidden set-top boxes (1.12″ H x 8.66″ L x 5.75″ D)
  • Remote Access to & full Control of in-room receivers from Management Server
  • Guest Messaging – Personalized or group messages
  • PMS Integration with most systems
  • FREE NFL Sunday Ticket for your Bar or Restaurant for this season

So if you are ready to give your guest that ultimate in home feeling, contact us and one of our Commercial Satellite Audio & Video specialist we will be sure to let you know about all the great benefits of adding DirecTV’s Residential Experience Hotel System to your business.

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