The Clean Remote

There is nothing better than spending the night at a nice, quiet and clean hotel room. Clean sheets, clean bathrooms, clean carpet. But wait, did you know that even in the cleanest hotel rooms you will find one of the biggest sources of virus, bacteria and infections! And it is right at your finger tips! Yes, you guessed it, the popular Remote Control. And you won’t just find a little bit of dust and dirt on the remote control. Check out the following video … you won’t believe it!

We’re glad to announce that ComsatAV is an official Dealer of the “Clean Remote”. This is a must have for your hospitality business.

What makes the Clean Remote so unique is its flat, spill proof, easy to wipe, flat, non-porous surface that allows it to be easily cleaned and disinfected using any cleaning products you are already using. And it is even easy to use. It features and easy and quick one touch programming system that works with over 200 different TV brands.

The world’s largest hotel chain, Best Western, has endorsed the Clean Remote suggesting to its franchises to use in their guest rooms. Troy Rutman, a spokesman for Best Western, said Best Western is working to boost cleanliness in its rooms. “We know that this is considered one of the dirtiest items in a room and we are looking for ways to reduce that,” he stated.

Make your guest rooms, clean rooms using our universal TV remotes for your Hospitality business. Your guests will appreciate it. And they even look cool too! Contact us now to get the Clean Remote for your hospitality business.

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