The Bigger, the Better

Looking for the biggest TV you can get for your Restaurant, Sports Bar or any other Hospitality Business? Well, look no further. Say hello to the new Sharp 90-inch AQUOS LED TV!

At 4 feet high and weighing only 141 pounds, this is currently the biggest TV in the planet! Comes preloaded with some pretty cool software like Netflix, Hulu and Vudu, and of course, it’s 1080p capable. It even comes with a pair of 3D glasses!

“Imagine yourself standing at the precipice of the Grand Canyon. It’s 3,000 feet straight down. The wind howls in your ears. Your heart races as you leap forward and plummet toward the bottom. Just before you plunge into the river below…you spill the popcorn all over the living room couch. That’s the experience you’ll get when watching the breathtaking 90″ AQUOS LED TV.”

So you can now have the biggest and greatest TV out there. If you want to get more info on the new Sharp 90-inch AQUOS LED TV contact us today. And to get you even more excited, take a look at some photos.


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