Laptop Connections for Bars and Restaurants

Why computer laptop connection are important for sports bars and restaurants.

laptop connections at bars and restaurants

Want to pick up your lunch time group reservations?  Fill up your meetings rooms?  Turn your place into another place for businesses to give presentations?

Not all sports restaurants cater only to the sports fanatic whose only goal is to eat, drink and win the game.  Many are upscale and market to local businesses and networking groups that hold regularly hold meetings.  Of course, being able to display a powerpoint presentation, a video or pictures can be a big bonus to prospective clients looking to motivate their staff, impress their clients or hold a special event.  We have the solution.

At many of our client’s properties, we’ve installed discrete connections for VGA cables so that whatever is displayed on the customer’s laptop can also be displayed on selected HD monitors.  And, with “Zoned Audio,” the system ensures everyone at the special event not only sees the presentation, but hear it as well.

This smart, inexpensive AV trick translates into more group sales.   Anniversary parties can now include the grandkids’ slide show, businessmen can rationalize more off-site lunch meetings and awards dinners don’t require expensive AV rental.   That means more sales and more revenue for our clients.  And, happier customers.

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