The Easiest Touch Control Yet – the Apple iPad

Want Easy to Use Touch Panel Controls?

The easiest all in one touch control panel for your office, boardroom, conference facility or bar/restaurant is now on the market.
It’s so user friendly that literally anyone on your staff, even someone with no knowledge of your AV equipment, can use it with ease to control your lighting, audio, video and more.

So what is it?

It’s the Apple iPad utilizing Crestron programming.

Crestron is the recognized leader in the AV industry for providing touch panel controls for corporate boardrooms & conference rooms as well as for the hospitality industry.

Apple is well known for making intuitive computer and audio/video devices and the iPad tablet PC broke the mold and established a new paradigm for easy to use computers.

Now Crestron has created completely customizable control interfaces that work on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch from Apple.
These touch controls are completely intuitive and require virtually no training for anyone to pick and use. You can easily use Audio and Video input from many different devices including laptops, your computer network, a local computer, projectors, DirecTV Satellite programming, video conferencing equipment, teleconferencing phones, and much more all with a simple touch on the iPad screen.

It is so versatile that you can also control lighting, temperature, security and other IP controllable systems. Because the iPad interface is so intuitive, it will make your presentations and meetings seamless and give them a WOW! Factor that even the best table top touch panel controls can’t approach.
So if you are looking for touch panel controls for your office, board room or conference facility, Call Commercial Satellite and take a look at what Crestron and Apple have done to make your life easier and more productive.

Commercial Satellite Audio & Video is a Crestron dealer and affordably delivers to you the latest in AV technology and Touch Panel Controls.

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