10 signs of an outdated boardroom (and the update fix)

Boardrooms are an essential part of any business. In there is where everything happens. From closing the big sales, to hosting company meetings and training sessions. But it’s not just about having a boardroom, it’s about having the right one. Over the years boardrooms have evolved from just a meeting place to full blown control rooms and communication centers that even NASA would have envied some decades ago.

How is your boardroom doing? Here are 10 signs of an outdated boardroom, and the update fix you need:

Sign #1: Your projector is bigger than a chair.

Fix: HD Projection Systems.
High Definition video for your presentations, video conferences, training sessions.

Sign #2: Your whiteboard doesn’t have a plug in cord.

Fix: Interactive Whiteboards/SmartBoards.
Interactive and easy to use touch screens Whiteboards/SmartBoards – use a stylus or just a finger to navigate through computer applications, websites, & multi-media content.

Sign #3: The only camera in the room is in your phone.

Fix: HD Video Camera for video conferencing.
Scalable High Definition video communications system provide 1080p30/720p60 video quality for natural, realistic interactions.

Sign #4: Your remote control doesn’t have a touchscreen (and you may have more than one remote).

Fix: iPad integrated remote for all applications.
Control all devices and applications in your boardroom from your iPad.

Sign #5: When a client asks you for a video conference, you give him your Skype account.

Fix: HD Video Conferencing / Telepresence.
True High Definition video conferencing system from LifeSize.

Sign #6: There are wires all over the place.

Fix: Advanced Connectivity modules.
Connectivity Modules provide a means of connecting audio, video, control, and computer video sources into your Audio/Visual presentation system from the conference room table in an organized and clean way.

Sign #7: Office Depot has become your “technology upgrade center”.

Fix: Complete audio video solutions tailored fit to your business.
At ComsatAV, our Core Competency lies in designing, building and maintaining State-of-the-Art Executive Boardrooms & Corporate Conference Rooms, Training Facilities, and Communications Centers.

Sign #8: Having the newest equipment, but nothing works.

Fix: Strategic planning & design.
Designing an A/V system goes beyond picking components off a shelf. It requires understanding the underlying technologies and integrating them in a way that achieves the optimum results in concert with your objectives.

Sign #9: When clients walk in instead of signing the contract they want to party like it’s 1999!

Fix: State-of-the-Art Executive Boardrooms setup.
If you don’t to make your guests feel like they time traveled back a couple decades when they walk into your boardroom, make sure you have innovative audio, video, HD video conferencing & one touch controls that make communication and collaboration easy.

Sign #10: You aren’t a ComsatAV client, yet.

Fix: Call us!

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