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LED Direct View
Video Walls

Seamless Design

Longer Life Cycle

Starting at $70k with the professional installation*

*12′ wide by 7′ height with standard professional installation.

Video Walls

Visible Bezel

Lower Startup Cost

Starting at $20k with the professional installation*

*49″ 3×3 video wall display 10.5′ wide x 6′ height with standard professional installation.

Custom Built Video Wall Systems

A video wall (also known as display wall) is a large visualization surface consisting of multiple displays that make it seem as one large display surface. These display walls are available in a wide range of sizes, typically with a screen diameter between 46” and 80”.

The Most Common application for Video Walls are:

Control Rooms

Digital Signage

Arts & Entertainment

Architectural Signage

Conference Rooms


We are Orange County’s leader in providing high-performance, custom-built video wall systems.

Video Walls | Comsat AV

A New Level of Experience

Video walls consist of multiple screens grouped together to form one large display and are a great way to visually display an array of information and/or content, especially where high brightness and wide viewing angles are needed.

Our Video Walls can be used across a multitude of industries and are often found in control rooms, sports stadiums, in fact, any large public venue. Engineered for the most demanding applications, our video walls deliver outstanding visual performance, flexibility, and reliability.

Every ComsatAV video wall is purpose-built and can be customized to meet the unique demands of your use-case and environment.

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