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Sound systems/Clearone


ComSat AV is San Diego’s expert ClearOne Technology representative.

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For professional, clear executive boardroom audio

Distributed Audio Echo Cancellation eliminates echo and background noise from your boardroom’s audio conference. ComSat AV is San Diego’s expert provider of ClearOne Technology and wireless microphone systems.



  • Conference Rooms
  • Boardrooms
  • Overflow areas
  • Training rooms
  • Court rooms
  • Conventions Centers
  • Telemedicine Facilities
  • House of Worship


  • Professional audio quality
    • Crystal-clear audio with wideband frequency
    • Optimized to work with CONVERGE® Pro and INTERACT® Pro
  • Wireless freedom
    • RF technology with support for different frequency bands
    • Hassle-free installation and clean look by eliminating the clutter of wires > No interference with other wireless electronic devices with different range
  • Scalability
    • Daisy-chainable Receiver to scale up to 32 channels (mics) for large room
  • Flexibility
    • Multiple types of mics to cater different application and room environment needs
      • Tabletop, Gooseneck, Handheld, Beltpack (lavalier & headset) mics


  • Security
    • Highly secured with 256-bit encryption for wireless transmission
    • This encryption conforms to the US Govt. AES (FIPS PUB 197) specification
  • Ease of maintenance
    • Microphone batteries: Rechargeable, field-replaceable, off-the-shelf-batteries > Redundant backup system
    • Microphone charging through USB port also
  • Remote monitoring and control
    • Robust system with RS232, USB, GPIO, RJ45 ports for configuration, control,
      monitor & integration
    • Simple-to-use management software application, running on Windows (XP, Vista, 7) > Proactive email alert before battery needs to be recharged
  • Seamless Support
    • 1-call support for both pro audio mixers and wireless microphones

Your Trusted San Diego Professional System Integrators

For assistance with integrating ClearOne technologies, or any other major manunfacturer, cutting-edge AV system or hardware.