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Patient TV

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Clean design with safety in mind

MedTAB™ delivers a touchscreen experience patients understand and enjoy as soon as they touch it. Provide patients with the entertainment they love at home!

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Comsat AV is proud to announce that we are now the premier suppliers and installers of PDiswing arm mounts and patience entertainment devices in San Diego county. The MedTV14 is a 14” arm-mounted patent HDTV.

Discover a personal entertainment experience designed for the patient’s comfort.

The medTV14 arm-mounted HDTV reduces neck, back and eye strain by providing an adjustable arm-mounted TV to your patients without sacrificing a high quality viewing experience. The medTV14 display is equipped with MPEG4 and Pro:Idiom® giving access to more HD channels with DirectTV or Satellite programming. Patients appreciate it’s simple backlit touch keypad to easily control volume, channels, and settings.

Superior Viewing Experience

This personal display mounted in close proximity to the viewer is equal with a 90” wall TV screen across the room.

Clean Looking and Safe to Touch

The medTV14 is designed for infection control. The full glass front and antimicrobial plastics help limit HACs and is durable for rigorous cleaning.

Fast, Easy TV Cloning

RF-HEMiS Head-end TV Management or USB clone capable.

Med TV


  • UL Listed, low voltage, widescreen HDTV
  • Dolby Audio
  • Easy access to favorite channels with direct entry channel buttons
  • Front headphone jack minimizes noise and keeps the floor/unit quiet
  • Extended panel life, designed to last more than 7 years when powered on 18+ hrs/day
  • NEW RF-HEMiSTM or easy USB cloning makes TV set-up and updates quick and simple
  • Password protected set-up menus prevent patients from altering settings with IR remotes or remote control phone apps
  • Channel aliasing and remapping allows facility to customize and simplify channel line-ups
  • Compatible with PDi swim arms or available as VESA 75 x 75 mm mount resulting in a mounting solution for any situation

Centrally manage medTVs using the RF-HEMiS Head-end Management Integrated TV System.