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Patient TV | Comsat AV

A Better Patient Experience Starts HERE.

With the bedside medTAB, patients can access the entertainment they want on a TV-tablet at their fingertips. Patients can access their favorite shows, surf the web, play games, connect on social accounts and more through medTAB.

medTAB is the affordable, scalable interactive solution to fit your unique needs.

  • Built for Healthcare Standards
  • Easy Set Up
  • Delivers Patient Satisfaction
  • Superior Viewing Experience
  • Available in 124” and 19”
Patient TV | Comsat AV

Discover A Personal Entertainment Experience Designed For The Patient’s Comfort.

Built For Healthcare Standards
medTVs are designed for infection control. The glass front can withstand rigorous cleanings and the antimicrobial plastics help limit HACs.

Designed for Secure and Easy Setup
Easy USB cloning or centrally manage with RF-HEMiS to make TV set-up or updates quick and simple. TV setup menus are password protected to prevent patients from altering settings with IR remotes or remote control phone apps.

Delivers Patient Satisfaction
Pro:Idiom® makes it easy to keep every patient entertained with more HD channels. These securely mounted TV displays reduce neck, back, and eye strain. Patients and staff enjoy the quiet of front-facing speakers or headphone jacks.

Superior Viewing Experience
A personal display mounted in close proximity to the viewer is equal with a 90” TV screen across the room.


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PDi is America’s oldest and largest TV design and manufacturing company. For nearly 40 years, PDi has been a leader in serving healthcare providers with products to fit the demanding and evolving needs of healthcare environments. PDi is a privately held, family company that takes pride in the high-quality standard of the products it makes. As an ISO certified manufacturer, PDi is focused on consistent quality and continuous improvement. PDi brings the knowledge and experience you can trust.

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