Digital Signage Made Easy!

The right solution for any size application. Manage 5 to 500+ displays with ease.

A Digital Signage Revolution

Getting started with Galaxy Digital Signage will give you the opportunity to have a complete turnkey SaaS cloud digital signage solution. Generally, a digital signage solution required that a customer spend upwards of thousands of dollars to put in a single device. At Galaxy Digital Signage we’ve moved the management of your device into the cloud saving you thousands. We deliver you a new level of service, reducing the total cost of your digital signage solution.

Proven Solution

Galaxy Digital Signage has been deployed in small, medium, and large installations, with devices in continual operation for the last 3 years. We have experienced 99.9% uptime with downtime limited to regularly scheduled maintenance.


Our digital signage solution provides the customer with a sophisticated solution without the complexity of management. To sum it up in one word, simplicity, our software has been designed to be simple. Simple to install, manage, and maintain. Installation is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Connect our digital signage device to your display, internet, power and you’re done.

Hosting Services

Professional secure hosting ensuring that your data is protected and secure. We host your content in the cloud with regular backups and server redundancy. Ensuring that you never go down.

Rescue Services

Ensure your device from failure due to power surges, and unforeseeable events. Ensure that your downtime is minimized by choosing our G-Rescue Plus with advanced device replacement.

Content Services

Don’t have graphical expertise, use our content services to make sure that your digital signage always is clear and professional. We have Graphic Designers available to help you create new content.

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