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Cell Phone Boosting for Commercial Buildings in Denver

ComsatAV solutions provide cell boosting installations. We ensure people are able to use their mobile devices in all parts of casinos, office buildings, or any commercial buildings. Mobile devices are critical for productivity, job performance, and life safety. We ensure they have mobile access – anytime, anywhere.

How Does a Cell Phone Signal Boosting Work?

The exterior antenna communicates with cell towers close by.

Amplifiers boost the cell signals from the antenna.

The interior antennas broadcast the signals throughout your office or business.

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No Monthly Fees | FCC Approved

Boost Data and Voice

Our commercial cell phone signal boosting solutions improve cell signals inside commercial and industrial buildings.

Never miss a call again.

We specialize in helping clients overcome the challenges of building cellular reception problems.

Providing single or multi-carrier passive DAS solutions to optimize the indoor cellular signal.

Furnishing & installing in-building passive DAS (Distributed antenna system) applications supporting all carriers including AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, and any other GSM, CDMA, 3G, and 4G cellular signal. 5G is now available.

Powerful, Fast, Simple.

Commercial Cellular Signal Boosting Indoor Coverage Solutions.

No More Dropped Calls.

Improved Call Quality and Data Speeds Indoors.

Stay Connected

Staying connected with smartphones and other digital devices is a necessity in today’s world. In order to handle the needs of today’s mobile society, your business needs the ability to stay connected regardless of your physical environment.

Passive DAS Solutions

We evaluate, design & install anywhere in the US

No need for Approvals

FCC approved

Works with all carriers simultaneously with one system

Increases cell phone coverage


Construction materials used in buildings, such as cement, brick, and steel, often block a cell signal transmitted from a cell tower, limiting or even completely barring the signal from entering the building. A cell signal is frequently blocked by physical obstacles that are between a cell tower and a building.

No. Our commercial-grade cell signal booster kits are approved by the FCC to work on all carrier networks in the U.S. You do not need permission from specific carriers to use our antennas and boosters.

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What Do Those Signal Bars on Your Phone Really Mean?

If you’ve unsuccessfully attempted to make a cell phone call in an unfamiliar location, then you’ve probably looked to see how many bars are displayed on your phone. Frustratingly, you may even see bars displayed and still be unable to make calls. Unfortunately, this happens because these signal bars are not actually an accurate assessment of signal strength.

The trouble with your phone’s signal strength bars is that there’s no industry standard governing them, so they provide an indication of the relative strength of the cellular signal rather than an absolute value. Plus, because each phone manufacturer uses its own algorithm to determine signal strength, bars can vary significantly between devices from different brands.

In other words, one phone may display only two bars despite receiving a stronger signal than a phone displaying three bars. It’s even possible for your phone to display four bars when you aren’t receiving a signal at all.

The Benefits of a Dual-Amplifier Passive DAS System

Although a passive DAS system may be an ideal choice for a business that’s looking for a cost-effective solution to poor cellular reception, there may be some signal loss due to the use of coaxial cables. A dual-amplifier configuration solves that problem. This design pairs a primary signal booster with a supplementary inline booster to compensate for signals lost over long lengths of cable. This pairing results in optimal signal boost for the building.

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