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Video Wall Options for Casinos

We design, build, integrate, and support complete visualization systems that are tailored to the casino industry unique requirements. Our products are built with professional-grade components and are designed to support the mission-critical activities of your organization.

Comsat AV | Video Walls
LED Direct View Video Walls

Ready to amaze your customers

LCD Video Walls

Great quality and built to last

LCD video walls are designed for long term use. Specific measures to prevent burn-in effects are applied to allow them to play for many years, in optimal conditions. Many times, they continuously play in a 24/7 mode, which means they are rarely switched off.

ComSat AV’s Video Walls combine our crisp, clean LED backlit LCD panels and state of the art Video Processors into a powerful solution that allows you to present your information in vivid, sharp HD video images.

With our suite of video wall control software, getting your information displayed just right is a snap. We have years of installation experience, so when it’s time to install your video wall, you can count on a prompt, professional installation.

Comsat AV | Video Walls

Custom Built Video Wall Systems

A video wall (also known as display wall) is a large visualization surface consisting of multiple displays that make it seem as one large display surface. These display walls are available in a wide range of sizes, typically with a screen diameter between 46” and 80”.

ComsatAV is Southern California’s leader in providing high-performance, custom-built video wall systems.

Video Walls | Comsat AV

A New Level of Experience

Video walls consist of multiple screens grouped to form one large display. They are a great way to visually display an array of information and content, especially where high brightness and wide viewing angles are needed.

Our Video Walls can be used across many industries and are often found in control rooms, sports stadiums, and any large public venue. Engineered for the most demanding applications, our video walls deliver outstanding visual performance, flexibility, and reliability. Every ComsatAV video wall is purpose-built and can be customized to meet the unique demands of your use-case and environment.

Engage, Promote and Attract your Visitors

Create a unique environment with video walls and displays that surround and immerse your guests.

Immersive video walls, artistic video walls, video walls that are large or small, ComsatAV Supports them all!

ComsatAV is the leader in providing high-performance, custom-built video wall systems for Casinos.


DirecTV For Hospitality

ComsatAV is Southern California’s leader in providing high-performance, custom-built video wall systems.

Xibo Installation | Comsat AV

Digital Signage

Add custom hotel channels to your free to guest television system which would include a scrolling channel lineup as well as high-resolution pictures of your hotel. The hotel channel can also be used to market services that the hotel provides.

Distributed Audio

Create ambiance throughout the hotel and outdoor areas with background music.

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