CA Lic#1039360

Direct View LED Video Wall for Chukchansi Gold Resort & Casino

Direct View LED Video Wall for Chukchansi Gold Resort & Casino


Gold Casino outside Fresno Ca, came to Comsat AV and wanted help implementing a 4k video wall. The wall had to be 15 ft wide and suspended from the ceiling.

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Their existing ceiling is 20 ft high. Upon closer examination, once we got above the ceiling, we saw that the structural support was 20 ft above the hartlet. We then determined we needed an outside engineering firm to come in and engineer the supports and seismic stabilizers. California requires earthquake protection of anything hanging from the ceiling especially in public areas.


We hired an engineering firm that came out and wrote the specifications for the implementation. We fabricated the required supports and installed the system and the result is evident in the brilliant 4k with HDR technology video wall. The HDR is a new technology that actually brings colors to life that don’t exist and enhances the viewing experience.

When we installed the video wall it was in the rear section of the casino, the back area where we installed it was a little dead and once we installed this 4k wall it brought the whole area back to life and really changed the whole feeling and the ambiance in that space.